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Lesley Catterall
Lesley Catterall

Lesley Catterall is a director and principal consultant with LMC Solutions Ltd. Since the early ‘80’s, Lesley has embraced a career in behaviour change through education and learning with a particular focus on helping those who have been failed by the system – human or animal – or those labelled with learning disabilities.

Her continued education into learning principles later gained her qualifications in instructional design and teaching while working with children with special needs. Lesley has taken her expertise in learning principles and behaviour change around the world; working with corporations in Hong Kong, the retail industry in Australia, and with children in International Schools in Malaysia, the US and Switzerland. Lesley’s travels also brought her in contact with the dire needs of abandoned and abused animals. Her volunteer work with refuge shelters in Asia and Europe prompted her to qualify as a Certified Training Partner with the Karen Pryor Academy (2011) and later (2012) to obtain certification in TAGteach®. Most recently (2014) Lesley completed a short course in Behaviour Analysis – Living and Learning with Animals – with Dr Susan Friedman of the University of Utah.

Lesley offers a positive alternative to traditional pet training techniques and works with the family as well as their pet for lasting behaviour change. She is committed to offering positive solutions to those wanting a better quality of life for themselves, their children and/or their pets. Because her work is all about changing behaviours, she prefers to work with the whole family as her solutions impact all aspect of family life. She offers private in-home tuition coupled with online support to address the real issues her clients are facing.

As a registered member of the Ngai Tahu iwi, despite being out of the country for over 20 years, Lesley has maintained her connection to her whanau through the documentation of her family history in a series of e-Letters. In early 2014, Lesley was commissioned by the family to compile a family history book on a particular branch of the family. "Hekeia Revisited Stevens Family History 1853-2015" was published in early 2015.

Lesley lives at and works from her home in Otatara, Invercargill - an 11-acre property being converted from fatigued pasture into native parkland. Forest Grove Park is a work in progress that, in the future, will provide a haven for native birds, bees and, it is hoped, an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the tranquility of the unique spaces created amidst the increasing urbanisation of the area. 

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Lesley Catterall
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