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Jan 2016

Dogs may communicate their desires through body language and expression, but we humans have to rely on words. In an increasingly technological age, words are going through a transition like everything else. The trouble is that when we change the spelling of a word, or render it to its simplest form we run the risk of losing its link to its original denotation and with it the depth of the meaning acquired on the word's journey through time. In my work with children with reading and spelling difficulties, I have learned that much of the problem lies with that disconnect. Once these children learn the truth about the way words work, then they are empowered with the ability to analyse any word to determine its meaning, its structure and it usage. They develop a way with words.


Getting to the Crux of a Meaning

Today I took my little poodle to the vet as he appeared to be in excruciating pain. It turned out that he had done some damage to the cruciate ligament at the top of his back leg joint. Not surprising given that he had been playing a frantic game of ‘Flip the Frisbee’ in the long grass for most of the morning. Watching the vet manipulate the joint got me wondering about the connection between cruciate and excruciating, given that they both seemed to share the same base element. Pain was the first thing to spring to mind but while I listened to the vet tell me how crucial it was to limit mobility of that joint (crossing his fingers to show me how the ligament crossed the joint) as any twisting or sudden movement would further aggravate the injury, I got "cross" implication. But it occurred to me that there was a deeper story involved here, one worthy of investigation.

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A Way with Words
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Getting to the Crux of a Meaning
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