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Sep 2014

Change is a key component of any development and at LMC Solutions change is a constant we eagerly embrace. Because nothing remains static in a living world, opportunity abounds to look at things differently, to learn from events that take place, to discover new ways of doing things . We like to think that our philosophy "You get what you focus on" is at the heart of all we do. And we are keen to share the thoughts and ideas, experiences and discoveries, that we encounter on a day to day basis. The more we explore a concept, the clearer it comes into focus.

You Get What You Focus On - Keep Off the Grass!
Keep Calm and Carry On

Ever wonder why there are so many tracks in lawns sprouting signs imploring folk to "keep off the grass"? It is a peculiar human condition but the very act of telling us not to do something usually ensures that it happens. You get what you focus on. The more rules and regulations we put into place, the greater the chance that they will be broken. The more we publicise the criminality of an activity, the more it happens, albeit more surreptitiously. None of us likes to be told what to do by others; that's a simple fact. But there is a greater psychology at play here: if you want to change a behaviour focus on what you DO want instead of what you donít. The motivational slogan the British government used at the start of World War II is a brilliant example of this.

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Coming into Focus...
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You Get What You Focus On - Keep Off the Grass!
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