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Apr 2014

Change is a key component of any development and at LMC Solutions change is a constant we eagerly embrace. Because nothing remains static in a living world, opportunity abounds to look at things differently, to learn from events that take place, to discover new ways of doing things . We like to think that our philosophy "You get what you focus on" is at the heart of all we do. And we are keen to share the thoughts and ideas, experiences and discoveries, that we encounter on a day to day basis. The more we explore a concept, the clearer it comes into focus.

Defining LMC - What's That Mean?
Learn Master Control

I've been asked by those curious and young, though not necessarily one and the same, what the initials LMC in our company name stand for. My answer invariably turns the question back on the asker: “What do you want them to stand for?” Changes in the way we are doing things at LMC Solutions Ltd reminded me of why we used those three letters in the first place and, given our new direction, I thought it time a review was in order. Initially, pun fully intended, the letters represented the initials of the two directors: Lesley and Martin Catterall. A little prosaic, I know, but it gave us a starting point. At the time the logo was being developed and our business plan defined, our focus was on achieving these end results.

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Coming into Focus...
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Defining LMC - What's That Mean?
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