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Feb 2015

Change is a key component of any development and at LMC Solutions change is a constant we eagerly embrace. Because nothing remains static in a living world, opportunity abounds to look at things differently, to learn from events that take place, to discover new ways of doing things . We like to think that our philosophy "You get what you focus on" is at the heart of all we do. And we are keen to share the thoughts and ideas, experiences and discoveries, that we encounter on a day to day basis. The more we explore a concept, the clearer it comes into focus.

A New Kind of Defensive Shield
Captain America Shield

There is an old saying: “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me”, the truth of which was a topic of debate over the weekend. It was generally agreed that the adage was in error because although no physical harm is caused by words, there can be a significant emotional impact. The question under discussion was why this is the case. We were an eclectic group made up of young and old, with wide and varied experiences and even more differing views and beliefs. But none of us had any difficulty agreeing that sometimes things that are said to us can hurt. We also agreed that at other times words ran from us like water down a slide. So the prevailing question was why?

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Coming into Focus...
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A New Kind of Defensive Shield
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