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Nov 2015

Change is a key component of any development and at LMC Solutions change is a constant we eagerly embrace. Because nothing remains static in a living world, opportunity abounds to look at things differently, to learn from events that take place, to discover new ways of doing things . We like to think that our philosophy "You get what you focus on" is at the heart of all we do. And we are keen to share the thoughts and ideas, experiences and discoveries, that we encounter on a day to day basis. The more we explore a concept, the clearer it comes into focus.

Appreciate the Now - Lessons in Life
Canine Friend

In recent months I've learned some valuable life lessons. The most poignant of which is to never take anything for granted, prosaic though that may sound, it was a lesson I needed to learn. It was closely followed by the importance of presence actually being there, not virtually, or in thought but in a very real physical and emotional sense. These were lessons I now realise the senior members of our society know well and perhaps they are lessons we all come to learn as part of our passage through life. For me though they all came at once and so have made rather a significant impact on the way I view things from now on.

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Coming into Focus...
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Appreciate the Now - Lessons in Life
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