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Strategic, Transformational and Innovative Change is what the Executive Services of LMC Solutions is all about. We have over fifty years of international public and private sector business experience, our solutions have spanned continents and accommodated multiple cultures. The skills and experience we have gained in trouble-shooting businesss needs globally and within New Zealand are now available to help organisations develop effective transformational and change management strategies to better prepare themselves for the ever-changing business environment. 

Strategic Services

LMC Solutions Strategic Services cover all aspects aligning ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) with your business process. We offer:

Strategic Plans: Does your ICT team currently meet your needs? Are your staff getting the best level of ICT support possible? Suspicious that your business doesn’t really have the most innovative technology available? Missing that business growth because your operations are anchored to old IT solutions?
At LMC Solutions we will help analyse your current status and present possible roadmaps that addresses gaps in your use of IT. To complement this we can also investigate current team structures, workload priorities or resident risk levels and recommend roadmaps to address the remediation of discovered issues.

Business Change Management: Business change is an inevitable part of the modern world. If your business can't keep up with the fluctuating needs of the market and the technology that it demands, you can find yourself falling far behind your competitors. LMC Solutions can help with advice on initialising cross-functional business change projects, how they are resourced, and how they are managed. We can help establish centralised reporting for all activities and provide visibility on the use of resources in each project. Most importantly, we can show you how to keep the promised benefits of a project in view and use this to keep your projects on track for successful delivery.

External stakeholder management: No business is an island. In this global economy external stakeholders are a key part of any business growith. Our management expertise can help formalise your interactions with key external stakeholders, get the collaboration onto a formal footing so that both sides understand the requirements and the benefits of working together. We can also help in the creation of a regular engagement structure with each of your key venders – where services, innovation, performance (service level agreements), and cost efficiency can be reviewed.    

Governance support: Whether you need to establish statutory reporting or you need to improve the quality of reporting to your own board. We can help in developing agendas, creating reports and managing the process to mutual satisfaction.

Whatever your business type, if you use ICT, then we have the strategic expertise to help. Give us a call to find out more.

Strategic Services
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