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All Learning is a Change Process which moves an individual from a point of incompetence through to skilled performance. The speed with which this transition takes place is determined largely by the motivating factors at play and the interconnectivity of the elements of the task, skill, or behaviour being learned. LMC Solutions brings an innovative collaborative approach to the learning process that has assisted those who had previously struggled to achieve success easily and effectively. A purely positive experience!

Forest Grove K9 Academy
Forest Grove K9 Academy

Behaviour doesn’t just happen, it develops over time in response to a series of consequences that occur in a range of environmental conditions. If you want good doggy behaviour, the best time to shape that is right from the start of your relationship with your new canine pal. 

Routine, consistency, positive reinforcement and the right expectations are the cornerstones of a successful relationship. They are also the first line of defense against aggressive or inappropriate behavioural traits developing in the future.

Our approach is simple: we aim to shape appropriate behaviour the moment a dog enters their new home with a series of training blocks designed to specifically address the little issues humans face with their dogs before they get to be big issues. These blocks build on each other and are interlinked so that once you get the hang of one or two of them you can probably work out the rest for yourself.  

To make it even easier, we've sorted our blocks into packs designed for specifc age groups, energy levels (of the dogs as well as their humans) and specific behavioural needs to give you everything you need to be successful right from the very start. 

What’s more we've made all this extremely affordable. Simply pay an annual subscription, come to our "human training for dogs" workshop and then attend any one of our scheduled training sessions throughout the year, plus get access to the training blocks most applicable to your dog and your situation and, if we don't have one, we'll create it just for you, plus you get all the newsletters for free.

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