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All Learning is a Change Process which moves an individual from a point of incompetence through to skilled performance. The speed with which this transition takes place is determined largely by the motivating factors at play and the interconnectivity of the elements of the task, skill, or behaviour being learned. LMC Solutions brings an innovative collaborative approach to the learning process that has assisted those who had previously struggled to achieve success easily and effectively. A purely positive experience!

Coaching and Tutoring

Whether you want to master new skills, fine tune existing ones, or control an errant behaviour, LMC Solutions can provide you with the means to achieve what you want.

Through our personalized coaching and tutoring services we help you formulate a plan for success and build in the tracking and measuring system to modify your behaviour towards achieving it.

What makes our solutions so different to other learning methods? They are specific. We focus only on the element of the skill or behaviour that is bringing down the whole and tune it to perfection before incorporating it back into the performance sequence.

By clearly defining the focal point of the behaviour, what it is you want to achieve, we can devise a modification program that reinforces approximations towards that goal in achievable increments so that the change happens so gradually you hardly notice.

Our approach has helped children to write, read and spell. It's helped people eat more quality and less quantity with lasting weight loss. It has helped adults and children come to terms with their fears. We've used it in call centres to help representatives deal with angry or upset callers. We've coached retail workers in customer service that really works. And most recently we've applied this approach in business to shape employee behaviour and manage bullying bosses.

Whatever the situation, if you have a goal in mind, a place where you want your team, yourself or your child to be, our coaching and tutoring service can assist you in getting there quickly and successfully.

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