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All Learning is a Change Process which moves an individual from a point of incompetence through to skilled performance. The speed with which this transition takes place is determined largely by the motivating factors at play and the interconnectivity of the elements of the task, skill, or behaviour being learned. LMC Solutions brings an innovative collaborative approach to the learning process that has assisted those who had previously struggled to achieve success easily and effectively. A purely positive experience!

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Pets sometimes come to you with hidden issues - undesirable behaviours, fear of certain things or unexplained reactions to people, other pets or situations. Over time any one of these can lead to more extreme reactive behaviour, particularly if they are not addressed or are inadvertently reinforced through your actions. Sometimes what is needed is an alternative approach - a means to change the behaviour in a way that your pet comes to love.

At LMC Solutions we can show you how to use positive reinforcement techniques and force-free methods when working with your animals. In line with our philosophy that you get the behaviour you focus on, we put a strong emphasis on setting the scene so it is easy for your pet to give you the behaviour you are after. In this way there is no need for coercion or punishment, instead good management, a strong relationship and consistent training work to achieve the results you are after.

We let the animal make the choices, while setting up the situation so it is very easy for the animal to make the right choice and thereby succeed. better for the animal, better for you!

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