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Online resources are an important way to find out what is happening elsewhere in the field of behaviour change. LMC Solutions acknowledges the support we get from the wider community and recommends the following websites as places of interest, where you will get sound factual information and quality service.

CIO - visionary and pragmatic driver for change
Martin Catterall, CIO HWR, 2017

Martin Catterall of HW Richardson Group is open and eager for disruptive technologies in the transport industry, while remaining focused on current operations.

"The CIO function has a professional responsibility to understand what is happening in the marketplace, to think through what the impact could be for the company, and share that with the executive team," says Catterall.

This article by Davina Paredes, published on 14 August 2017 in the CIO Magazine, is one of a number of articles on Catterall done for CIO Magazine.

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Behaviour Works

Dr. Susan Friedman's mission is to improve the quality of life for all learners. Her work whether with children, delinquents, adults or animals is always the study of one. The profound truths of her research are shaping the way we view learning, and as such the way we approach it. Through living and learning with animals we can better understand ourselves and as a result, be more effective in dealing with others. A highly recommended website.

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Surity Web Design

Surity Web Design caters for personal and small business web design and support level needs. Whether you are starting from scratch or are looking for an alternative support service, one of my plans will be right for you.

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TAGteach International
TAGteach International

The home of TAGteach with explanations, demonstrations and stories of success. "TAGteach is a teaching and training technology based on the application of the science of behaviour that focuses on the structured application of positive reinforcement." TAGteach is employed by LMC Solutions in all our interventions - whether personal or animal. To find out more about TAGteach and how you might learn to use it, contact Lesley at LMC Solutions.

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From My Bookshelf
Learning In Action
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Giving Thanks for Diversity
Appreciate the Now - Lessons in Life
Why Management Can't Turn A Blind Eye to Bullying in the Workplace
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