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"Learning never stops, nor does the quest for knowledge and with such a plethora of media to choose from, it's hard to know where to start. While the internet and other print forms offer up a staggering amount of information to choose from, I find books are still the greatest source of knowledge particularly in the field of behaviour change. The books listed here are ones that come with my personal recommendation. I own them all and many I pick up and refer to constantly. I hope you find them as valuable as I do." Lesley Catterall.

Don't Shoot the Dog!
Don't Shoot the Dog

The New Art of Teaching and Training, by Karen Pryor This quintessential guide to life and learning is all about changing the way we view a problem. By learning to approach a situation in a different way we can come up with solutions that last a lifetime. This book is a must have for anyone with a new puppy or a new child - the strategies for managing both are the same. In fact, they work for spouses, partners, and friends just as well. Karen explains how the principles she learned when animal training can be applied to people thus making for a much more harmonious living situation. Imagine your family life without the nagging, without the bickering, without the blame. Traditionally when we encounter a behaviour that is upsetting the family equilibrium, we engage the sort of punishment strategies that were used on us, often knowing full well that these are more likely to exasperate the problem, than solve it. Karen explains the eight possible methods of dealing with an issue, and demonstrates how using the higher level ones are much more successful than resorting to something as drastic as shooting the dog. Highly recommended.

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Click to Calm
Click to Calm

Healing the Aggressive Dog, by Emma Parsons "When Emma Parsons, professional trainer and canine behavior consultant, discovered that her own prized golden retriever, Ben, was aggressive toward other dogs, and that traditional remedies took his reactivity to nightmarish levels, she turned to clicker training. In the process, Parsons developed innovative and effective strategies to calm, alter, and re-shape Ben's aggressive displays. Her clicker-based strategies have since helped many of her clients successfully reduce, and even erase, their dogs' reactivity to both dogs and humans." I had the great pleasure of meeting Emma at ClickerExpo in San Francisco in January 2013. She gave a workshop on working with Reactive Dogs that provided me with valuable strategies for the work I do with dogs with behaviour problems. I'd already read her book and used many of the strategies she suggested. The workshop reaffirmed many of the core strategies she details in the book. This book is a handbook for success for any dog that has issues relating to other dogs.

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A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs by Jean Donaldson. A book packed full of strategies and solutions for dealing with resource guarding in dogs. Donaldson applies a practical, easy-to-apply approach to helping your dog overcome the fear of losing the things that he or she values so highly. Easy to read, Donaldson brings the science to the process of retraining this behaviour into something more appropriate and a lot more fun.

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